My Top 10 of the most epic dragon tabletop miniature models!

Like most fantasy wargamers and miniature enthusiasts, I love dragons. These huge, powerful creatures have been fascinating me since I began reading Fantasy Lore and started playing miniature wargames like Warhammer. It seems dragons have always been at the top of the food chain when it comes to big, epic miniatures. There are a lot of dragons from various companies out there and it isn't easy to keep track of all of them since some of them won`t be produced anymore.

As of now I only painted 2 dragons, a forest dragon by Forgeworld I painted 2014 and a Zombie Dragon by Games Workshop. I can't wait for the next dragon miniature I am going to put some color on. In researching various models of amazing fantasy dragon miniature sculpts I created a list of my personal Top 10.

Tho following list consists of Dragons and Wyverns, which are very similar. The key difference is that a wyvern has two legs and wings, whereas a dragon has four legs and wings.

#10 Nocturna Models: Khaegar 

#9 Forgeworld: Warpfire Dragon

#8 Kingdom Death: Dragon King 

#7 Karol Rudyk Art: Gorthang the Swamp Master

#6 Heresy Miniatures: Dragon 

#5 Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Quetzalcoatl, the feathered Goddess

#4 Games Workshop: Smaug

#3 CMON: Cang the Implacable

#2 Karol Rudyk Art: Xardrax the Ancient

#1 Mythic Games: Time of legends Joan of Arc, Legendary Dragon

Wow, these dragon sculpts are just mind-blowing! What are your favorite dragon models?