Wood Elves Glade Lord on Forest Dragon finished

It´s been a while since my last post but I haven´t been lazy and finished some projects. Unfortunately, I wasn´t able to take appropriate pictures because my photo backgrounds clashed with a cup of coffee and couldn´t be used afterwards. Up to this time, I used the nice photo backgrounds from Massive Vodoo.

At the same time, I read an article on one of my favourite blogs from James Wappel. There I found the following two awesome articles about photo backgrounds:

The euphoria about these backgrounds from Hangar18  also caught me instantly and I directly had to orders some of them. Thanks, James for the Inspiration!
And while I was in shopping-mood, I also ordered a little Photo-Box for placement of the Hangar18-backgrounds.

Today is a great day because all equipment finally arrived and I was able to take some pictures. Here we go, first off with my finished Wood Elves Glade Lord on Forest Dragon.
The Glade Lord model is the new Araloth plastic kit from Games Workshop. The dragon model is the Warpfire Dragon from Warhammer Forge.

Warhammer Wood Elves Glade Lord on Forest Dragon

As following some Close-ups of the woodland base with loads of different basing material (mostly from MiniNatur).

Then some more pictures...

A comparison with my Snowy Owl, I play "as count as" Frostheart-Phoenix in my Cherry Blossom Grove army.

The background present in the last pictures is called Green Haze, my favourite one of my Wood Elves miniatures. But of course, it is not the only one I bought. On the following pics, I present some more backgrounds from Hangar18 with my Forest Dragon without the rider.

Background: Shades of Grey

Background: Northern Sky

Background: Brown Haze

Background: Marble

Background: Concrete

At least that´s how my Photo-Setup is looking at the moment.

Which background do you like most?