The Sylvaneth of the Cherry Blossom Grove


The Sylvaneth of the Cherry Blossom Grove is marching to war. I recently finished 3 trees (Treeman Ancient, ordinary Treeman, and the Spirit of Durthu) for the army and now the force is nearly finished. The foundation of the Cherry Blossom Grove lies in the Old Days of Warhammer where the majority of the army consisted of Wood Elves (Link to an old blog article from 2014). Since then a lot of new miniatures have been painted and added to the army and I still plan to extend the Cherry Blossom Grove further in the next couple of months and years. Painting Alarielle of course and some more Kurnoth Hunters and even thinking about a Living City detachment of the Cities of Sigmar battletome.

The Sylvaneth treemen of the Cherry Blossom Grove:
I converted them a little bit by extending their legs for 1-2 inches to make them taller and put some branches of the old Citadel Forest on their shoulders and backs to make them bigger.

Close-Up of the Spirit of Durthu:

Close-Up of the Treeman Ancient:

Close-Up of the ordinary Treeman:

Close-Up of the Base:

Six Kurnoth Hunters with Scythe:


A Branchwraith / Branchwych and her retinue of Dryads: