Expanding the Tyranid Swarm and painted my first Space Marine

After deciding on a colour scheme for my Tyranid army, I've been painting up a lot of bugs. I tried to get them painted fast but would not call it speed painting. 

Also, I painted up my first Space Marine, a Chaplain, to make some epic battle shots of him fighting the swarm. Enjoy!

Tyranids Lictor

Tyranids Hormogaunts

Tyranids Swarmlord

Hive Tyrant with Wings


If you are curious about the Tyranid miniatures, most of them are 3D printed and have been designed by Artbyhalfpint (check out his Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/artbyhalfpint/).

Space Marines Chaplain

The next Tyranid unit to paint are Warriors, a Mawloc, and last but not least Genstealers. I try to get 1.500 points of minis ready to play some games (I hate playing with unpainted minis).