Starting a Tyranid army: Colorscheme

I've been a miniature hobbyist for over 10 years and have played a lot of different games (Warhammer Fantasy, Infinity, Frostgrave, Malifaux, Kings of War, etc.) but still hunger for more. In my gaming group, my friends convinced me to take a look at the Warhammer 40k lore. After reading a dozen books (Horus Heresy!) and pretty much got sucked into the crazy 40k lore, I decided to get into Warhammer 40.000. 

As for my first 40k army choice, I was torn between the Childs of Slaanesh and Tyranids. Really love both design and lore of these 2 armies. Finally, I went with Tyranids because they are easy to paint and I wanted to get more into the lore before heavily converting some Slaanesh forces. Also, there are some stunning non-GW Tyranid designs out there (check out this Instagram account: and I was very curious how these models would turn out. To say it upfront: These 3D printed resin miniatures have some amazing details and very high quality of the print.

Regarding the color scheme, I tested 2 very different ones: A very dark Xenomorph one and a more vibrant and organic color scheme:

Instead of the black background I found a brown background better and went with it:

I really liked both paint jobs and the decision of how I should take on a whole army of these bugs was not an easy one. As an individual choice, I think I would prefer the Xenomorph one but as an army decision, I think 100+ purely black painted models are boring to paint and will look at an arm's length like a huge black blob. Therefore I went with the organic colorful one color scheme.

I couldn't wait and soon started painting one of the HQ choices of my Tyranid army: Old One Eye

Such an amazing beast! Next will be the backbone of the army: a lot of Hormogaunts.


  1. Amazing color scheme! Are you disposed to share your colour recipe?

  2. wow what kind of Gaunts are those ?

  3. Where can these models be bought/downloaded?

  4. Seriously where can i get these stls

  5. Seriously where’s the stls for these

    1. Bro, you need to buy it. Ofc not stls but set of WH40k if you want them so much.


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