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Mierce Miniatures Review

I've not done any miniature reviews so far but after purchasing and building some minis of Mierce Miniatures, I had to! Mierce Miniatures is a company from the UK that produces high-quality polyurethane resin miniatures for their Darklands wargame as well as the BaneLegions miniature range. 

Since Mierce Miniatures entered the market I fell in love with their unique miniature designs and sculpts. In the beginning, I mostly laid my eyes on the epic monsters, like KRULLMJAGNIR JÖTUNN, and ANGRISLAUG, as well as the best model in my opinion by Mierce Miniatures, the Chimaera, the Terror of Fortriu! The studio paint job of the chimera is done by the amazing Ben Komets whereas my favorite paintjob of the model is done by my Roman Lappat in an epic diorama.

The reason why I did not purchase the miniatures in the past was the premium prices of the minis, I guess. Their miniatures are definitely more expensive than other miniature companies out there, in particular, if you are thinking about getting a whole army. Some time ago I subscribed to their newsletter and received news about a 25% price reduction across the range. That tipped the balance. I ordered a bunch of cool-looking heroes and my favorite monster! The plan was to start a new Frostgrave Warband for the upcoming 2nd Edition. Therefore I chose the models I found looking most awesome.

The miniatures are made of resin and need to be prepared well before assembling. Mierce Miniatures wrote down some tips on how to prepare their resin miniatures and what you need to watch out for.

Now, check out some detailed pics of the miniatures after preparing, cleaning, assembling, and basing them. 

Yes, indeed, these are some high-quality miniatures. Besides the fact that I really like the Darklands setting and the design of the miniatures, I have to admit that these are the best minis I have ever had my hands on! The details are so crisp, it's insane.

I've also done a short video to present some of the miniatures a little better from all angles:

Of course, I wasn't able to resist purchasing the Chimera. That model had to be part of my personal miniature collection! 

Unfortunately, there is also a flipside to the story. Some time ago Mierce Miniatures started with 3D-designing their miniature range.  Since then the quality and designs became even way better. At the same time, all miniatures produced since the change of design and production have changed drastically in size. More specifically, all the new 3D-designed minis are way taller than the old ones, 32mm instead of 28mm. I wasn't aware of this until I received the miniatures. Check out the pics below. On the left, there are the old, smaller minis and on the right, the newer, taller ones:

This change in size variation of the model range is unfortunate, even more, that there are no information regarding the variation between these 2 model ranges on the Mierce Miniature website. 

To sum it up, the minis from Mierce Miniatures are really high-quality, amazingly designed, and expensive but worth every cent. These miniatures really blew me away. The only thing to be aware of is the size difference and I would recommend choosing between the old hand-sculpted range and the new 3D-sculpted one before purchasing them.

EDIT: Here are some of the minis I have painted so far:


  1. Beautiful paintjob! As someone, who is also tempted by Mierce miniatures, I have to ask: how do you tell the difference between the old and the new sculpts (based on their hompage)?


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