Malifaux Death Marshal crew and hobby plans for 2020

First of all, I wish you a happy new year! May all your wishes come true and your painting motivation be endless!

I finished this amazing year with one of my favorites sculpts from Wyrd Games: the Lady Justice crew. This crew kind of drew me into Malifaux at the first place. I mean a sexy blind lady brandishing a great sword into combat and leading the Death marshals, a group of near-dead cowboys, and their crusade against the threat of necromancy. Isn`t that totally crazy?!? I love it!

Enough words, let's take a look at the paint jobs of these awesome models:
Lady Justice leading her Death Marshals against the Undead!

Lady Justice, her Totem Scales of Justice and the Judge

The Death Marshals

Besides the main Marshal crew, I also finished some Guild versatile models:
Pale Rider and Guild Steward

Group picture of the Guild Marshal crew

Looking back at my 2019 hobby year I mainly focused on miniatures from Infinity the game and Malifaux. Really enjoyed these amazing sculpts and games!

My Best Nine posts on Instagram:

Although I haven't painted nearly as much as I have liked, I consumed a lot of amazing, inspiring, entertaining Tabletop content on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and all over the internet and generally grew as a painter.

Thinking about 2020 I'll continue my journey into Malifaux and going to paint up more crews:
  • Kaeris, the new leader of the Arcanists who turns the battlefield into a flaming hellscape
  • Rasputina, the witch who uses ice magic to bringing with her the threat of an endless winter to Malifaux
  • Perdita Ortega, the greatest monster-slayer in Malifaux
After getting back into Games Workshop's Warhammer in the end of 2019 when I fell in love with the Age of Sigmar lore and the Mortal Realms, I will finish my Legions of Nagash army in the next month or two. Afterwards, I am thinking about starting a new army and maybe diving into Warhammer Underworlds.  Also, I have two board games with cool miniatures I'd like to get paints on: Blood Rage and Walking Dead: Here's Negan

A lot of projects I can't wait to start with. The journey as a miniature painter continues and I am really enjoying it. It's an amazing hobby. Happy painting!