Stompy robots! Malifaux crew led by Charles Hofman

Bad things happen in Malifaux...actually not this time, because I have just finished the Malifaux Guild crew consisting of awesome stompy robots led by Charles Hofman. I really like the story behind this guy and can't wait to play my first games in Malifaux Third Edition with him, either as Guild or as Arcanists. In the lore, Hofman is the leader of the Guild’s Amalgamation Office but has quietly joined the Arcanists and now serves both groups to the best of his ability. That makes him a very interesting character. Hope you like the paint job.

In my local game club, we'll start a beginner league. I still haven't decided with which of my crews I should join the league, Hofman as a Guild or Arcanist leader or Victor Ramos. The other option would be starting a new crew. Love the aesthetics of the Arcanists Rasputina crew, so maybe I will take a closer look at a Winter crew.

What's your favorite Malifaux crew?