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Rebasing square to round bases tutorial

In 2015 when Warhammer Fantasy was replaced with the first edition of Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop decided not only to change the ruleset and the narrative of the game, they also changed the base-size of their Fantasy miniature range from square to round bases. All these changes had a big impact on my tabletop hobby. I have been pretty disappointed in the ruleset and was not willing to continue playing Warhammer and turned my back on it. This change honestly hit me quite hard but in retrospective, it brought new chances. I dived into Infinity the game, Malifaux, Kings of War, Boardgames, The Walking Dead and more. This led me to embrace all the variety and opportunities the tabletop world had to offer.

The coming years after the initial launch of Age of Sigmar I watched with interest at the products Games workshop published as well as the overall development of the company. 2018/19 I noticed the change of GW's marketing activities and with the launch of the second edition of Age of Sigmar I became very curious and started to get into the lore bit by bit. The more I got to know the realms and the endless opportunities there, the more I thought about getting back into my first love: Warhammer. When some of my friends started getting into AoS second edition, I decided it is time.

Based on this decision getting into AoS with the armies I had (Undead and Wood Elves) I also committed to a change in bases: from the existing square to the new rounds. For my it was more than just a decision to change bases, it was a commitment for the new age of Warhammer and I wanted to be a part of it.

The switch to round bases may seem a bit daunting, but there is a simple way to transfer your army’s bases. My goal was to keep as much as possible of the old square basing to minimize the work I need to put into the action. As follows I am going to show you in a step-by-step tutorial of how I rebased my Undead Army.

1. First I ordered a bunch of round bases from China.

The edges of the square bases were overlapping over the round base. So I had to cut the edges away as well as the rims of the base.

2. Carefully cutting away the rims of the base with a hobby cutter

Be careful with this step since you don’t want to accidentally damage the surface.

3. Clue the trimmed down square base on top of the round base

4. Fill in the gasps around the trimmed base with putty 

This technique automatically creates the look of a hill. Make sure that you blend the putty into the top edges of the base without touching the basing material is left from the old base. You want the putty to be on the same height than the existing base. This step is pretty messy. Use your fingers to form the putty around the base.

After completing this step for the army:

5. Put structure paste or sand on top of the putty

This step is important to blend in the new part of the base with the old part. Of course, it depends on how the old base looked like.

6. Last step: Paint the base

Just paint the new part of the base in the same colors as the old part to perfectly blend them together.

Additional: Movement Trays 

If you are like me lazy and don't like to touch each individual painted model a hundred times each game, then this solution is for you: Movement trays for round-based miniatures. Firstly I glued the two parts together, then added some sand, sprayed all trays black and painted the top part in the same color scheme as the army which will put on these trays. Finally, I put some grass turf on top for the final touch.

Hope this tutorial helps you. Have fun!


  1. I never made this step. I just built up a new army exclusively für AoS and kept my old square based Skaven and Empire minis.
    How upset are you that it might be necessary to rebase to squares as soon as the "OldWorld" will catch you?


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