Bad things happen...getting into Malifaux!

I´ve always had an eye on the beautiful Malifaux miniatures produced by Wyrd Games. Not only are the sculpts really cool, but they are also plastic. A fact I really enjoy, as a painter as well as a gamer. If you are not familiar with Malifaux: It has dark, fantasy, steampunk, and horror elements at the same time, has an evolving, compelling and unique story and is set in a world full of magic and technology. Malifaux is a skirmish miniatures game involving gang warfare in the ruins of a crumbling city., called Malifaux. The city was discovered through a portal into another world. This world is a source of the valuable mineral known as Soulstones which allows for magical effects. Games pit masters and their crews against one another for control of this resource.

For my first crew, I`ve chosen Victor Ramos and his companions. I really liked the look of these constructs and had a blast painting them. Now I am ready for my first Malifaux Game. By the way, the third edition of Malifaux is on the horizon and will probably be published the next months. Therefore it`s the perfect time to get into the game.

The whole Arcanist crew lead by Victor Ramos.

Victor Ramos


Howard Langston

Brass Arachnid

Mobile Toolkit
Arachnid Swarm