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Product Review: Abteilung 502 Magic Gel & Potion for brushes

Every hobbyist encounters someday the problem that the shape of the brushes and their condition to paint properly comes to an end. In my experience, it takes some time till a hobbyist thinks about brush maintenance to extend the life of their brushes and always keep the tip in the best shape. Therefore I will shed some light on this topic.

In this article, I am reviewing two products from the company Abteilung 502: The "Magic Potion for Brushes" (ABT117) and the "Magic Gel for Brushes" (ABT114). These two products are for brush care only and come in a plastic bottle with screw cap and in a tin with a screw cap.

The "Magic Potion for Brushes" is a high-quality brush cleaner, which, in addition to cleaning, also helps care for the brush. It contains no solvents no alcohols that can damage synthetic or natural brush´s hair. It´s recommended to dip the tip of the brush in this liquid for 24 hours for deep cleaning and restoration and repeat the process if necessary with seriously damaged brushes.

The "Magic Gel for Brushes" is a gel, which should bring the brush tip back into shape. Again, it is irrelevant whether the brush made of synthetic hair or real hair. The application is recommended after using and cleaning them (it can be used after the application of our ABT117 Magic Potion for Brushes or any other chemical or natural cleaner). There is a pdf with a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it:

Testing the products

For testing purposes I used 2 very old "da Vinci Harbin Kolinsky" size 3 and 2 brushes as well as 2 rather poor looking "Winsor & Newton Series 7" size 1 and 0 brushes. They haven`t been cared much for and are loaded with paint residues and the tip is everything but sharp.

The brushes were dipped in the bottle of Magic Potion for Brushes and allowed to stay in there for 24 hours. After that, I used some Magic Gel. I took the brush tip and put it gently in the gel and afterward used my fingers to shape the tip. Here`s the result:

I think the results are pretty satisfying after using the products for the first time. I think the two Abteilung 502 products meet the expectations on a brush cleaning and shaping product. I guess the results will be better and better the more often the products are used. I will take some time in the Magic Potion bath for the brushes to get rid of all the paint residues. From now on I am going to use it on a regular basis and think that my brushes will be happy about it :)

I am curious about the cleaning tools you use? Tell me about it and if you have any experience with these products I am keen on your opinion, too.



  1. Nice review. I was expecting them to be a bit more expensive, I was quite surprised when I followed the links.
    I might pick some up to see if I can rejuvinate some of my old tired brushes (and keep my current brushes fresh).
    There looks to be some interesting products on the Abteilung 502 store, I'm pretty sure I saw some of the oils being used in a video recently.

  2. It also helps to detangle the hair and gives additional volume to the hair. round hair brush

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  5. Commercial article and those comments here uff .. :( No, believe me, people who do modeling and spend and they are not so stupid. :)

  6. Not a proof point showing a nice tip just after applying the gel. You can get a nice tip after applying almost anything from pink soap to masters brush restorer and leave it on. The proof point is when you use the brush and see if the tip is retained during use. It didn’t for me.


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