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Fraacta Drop Units and first Onyx Contact Force experience

Hi, fellow Hobby-Maniacs, I have been pretty busy assembling and painting my Infinity the game Onyx Contact Force for a tournament. Love the game, love the miniatures. I really enjoy painting the alien force Onyx because it has so many different miniatures and colors schemes to paint them with.

Onyx story background:
The Onyx Contact Force is the spearhead tasked with engaging in contact and preparing the annexation of new races and civilizations in the name of the Ur Hegemony and its leader, the EI. It is a compact and light force, formed by elite units capable of establishing a beachhead, gather information and harass the enemy, setting up the arrival of the main attack force.
If the Combined Army is already an amalgamation of different races, the Onyx Force is the sublimation of this idea turned into a Sectorial Army. This way, the players that like to play with the Combined Army can choose to play with a Sectorial, keeping the same idea of a miscellaneous force that bands together the best of the best, no matter where they come from.

With painting the 3 different Fraacta Drop Units the Onyx Contact Force was ready to rumble!

The "backbone" of most Onyx Forces: the Unidrons. Unique in the way they play, I really like their resilience as a Li Core Link:

Finally the whole Onyx Contact Force in all it`s glory!

Hope you like them!

The Onyx are a very interesting force with some unique options, similar but lack some good tricks and options Combined Army Vanilla has. This sectorial has no access to smoke, regular camo,  Chain of Command, Mnemonica, warbands and doesn’t have great lieutenant options. Therefore I think Onyx feels a bit one-dimensional. Also, a lot of units are kind of compulsory, like the Nexus Hacker Lt., the Med-Chanoid, the Ikadrons, R-Drone and the imetrons. Overall Onyx is a hard-hitting, very straightforward faction, but lacking options in general. After coming from Vanilla CA and having a good win ratio with my favorite toys like the Charontid and the Anathematics, I need to dive deeper into the strategies and tactics of Onyx to be better and more successful! Can`t wait for the next models to be painted and test them out: TAGs! A lot of TAGs!

Xeodron and Overdron primed and ready to be painted!


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