Vampire Counts Blood Knights - Kings of War!

After a long break from the hobby, mainly because Games Workshop killed Warhammer Fantasy and took any motivation away from me to paint or even get some games in, I finally went back to some painting. What brought me back and has been my personal light at the end of the tunnel, was Mantics Kings of War 2nd Edition! What a great game, it is not just an alternative to Warhammer, it´s even better!

As a quick summary:
- Mass-battle feeling
- You can use your Warhammer models and rules are free.
- Quick and very tactical to play
- More about the game than the rules!
- Loads of fun!

As a Warhammer veteran, there is actually no reason NOT to try it out!

In expanding my Warhammer Vampire Counts army to Kings of Wars Undead army, I´ve built and painted a unit of Blood Knights. The models are from Games Workshop but I´ve also used some heads from hero vampire models for more variety.

The next project, already been started, is the Vampire Lord on an Undead Dragon!