Vampire Counts Morghast Harbingers aka Skin Wolves from Forgeworld

For a coming tournament, I speed-painted these Skin Wolves from Forgeworld which I´m gonna use as Morghast Harbingers.

I really love these models and always wanted to use them anyhow. With the Warhammer Endtimes Nagash book and the Morghast release I directly knew how I could integrate the Skin Wolves to my Vampire Counts army! Also, I really don´t like the original Morghast models from Games Workshop.


  1. Love these models and you have done a fine job on them. I always thought they would make nice vargheists - instead of flying they simply leap over obstacles like in the Van Helsing movie!

    1. Thank you! That´s the actual picture in my mind ^^


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