Wood Elves Warhawk Riders conversion

Hi all,
today I present you my Wood Elves Warhawk Riders. The old metal Games Workshop miniatures have never been my favourites. Therefore I made some conversions. It was really difficult to position the models next to each other, these eagle wings are enormous! Hope you like them.


  1. Everybody's stacked together like puzzle pieces. They may have been tricky to deal with but the end result is very impressive. They look great together.

  2. Sieht in der Kombination wesentlich besser aus als die Gw Varianten der letzten Jahre. Deine Waldelfenarmee ist der Hammer ! Bin mal gespannt, was dir noch so einfällt.

  3. I think they`re to big for warhawks. And they look like eagles not hawks :D
    How big must be the GREAT eagle, when hawks are that size? They look great from painting and modelling view, but still... enormous :)

  4. holy crap! This gives me chills!

    Absolutely beautiful! Well done!

  5. What I adore most of your minis: You really take painting and basing to 100% an do not stop at 85% (as I use to do as time-saving measure).


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