Project Update - Things to come...

Hi all,

there´s only a quick update on the coming projects on GOLDMUNDS WELT.  Because I more and more enjoy the fluffy side of Warhammer Fantasy these days (End Times, Storm of Magic, Montrous Arcanum) and also like to experiment a lot with new Basedesigns, I´m going to start a heck of new projects the coming weeks/months:

Also the pic is some weeks old and some of the miniatures already have seen colour, it will give you a good overview of what to come.

After watching Painting Buddahs  DVD-Tutorial  about creating Bases (Season 1.3 - Base Alchemy 1: Earth mit Ben Komets und Matt Cexwish) I tried to create something challenging on my own and came up with this:

It´s the Curs´d Ettin from Warhammer Forge. The Idea behind building this scenary base:
The Ettin stalks the deep forest for prey. Suddenly he picks up the scent of Elf Flesh and the hunt begins. After nearly an hour of chasing, the prey - a wardancer of Athel Loren - founds himself under a steep sloping plateau hidden behind a little waterfall and prepares himself for the possible coming fight of life and death. The Ettin´s chase ends on top of the plateau. Also he smells his prey, he doesn´t see it and therefore get´s damn angry. Dramatic scene.

What do you think?