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Hi all,

there´s only a quick update on the coming projects on GOLDMUNDS WELT.  Because I more and more enjoy the fluffy side of Warhammer Fantasy these days (End Times, Storm of Magic, Montrous Arcanum) and also like to experiment a lot with new Basedesigns, I´m going to start a heck of new projects the coming weeks/months:

Also the pic is some weeks old and some of the miniatures already have seen colour, it will give you a good overview of what to come.

After watching Painting Buddahs  DVD-Tutorial  about creating Bases (Season 1.3 - Base Alchemy 1: Earth mit Ben Komets und Matt Cexwish) I tried to create something challenging on my own and came up with this:

It´s the Curs´d Ettin from Warhammer Forge. The Idea behind building this scenary base:
The Ettin stalks the deep forest for prey. Suddenly he picks up the scent of Elf Flesh and the hunt begins. After nearly an hour of chasing, the prey - a wardancer of Athel Loren - founds himself under a steep sloping plateau hidden behind a little waterfall and prepares himself for the possible coming fight of life and death. The Ettin´s chase ends on top of the plateau. Also he smells his prey, he doesn´t see it and therefore get´s damn angry. Dramatic scene.

What do you think?



  1. Ich stell mir gerade vor wie sich die beiden Köppe streiten: "Sag mal, riechst du das auch?" "Tschuldigung, hatte zuviel Orkgrütze zum Frühstück." "Neee du Hohlkopp, den Geruch kenn ich. Halt doch mal deinen hässlichen Zinken in den Wind, das riecht doch nach Spitzohr." "Hmmmmm...

    1. Erinnert mich an die Troll-Szene aus dem Hobbit Film :)


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