Wood Elves Waywatchers and Waystalkers (Conversion)

In the new Warhammer Wood Elves book, there are several units which are, in my humble opinion, a must-have in every Wood Elves army, in terms of Fluff as well in terms of options and playing strength. One of these units is the Forest Stalkers of Athel Loren, the Waywatchers. The Waywatcher selection is perhaps the best thing in the Wood Elf army book, head-to-head with the Wild Riders. They are silent sentinels, forest stalkers, hidden assassins that annihilate enemies of Athel Loren without mercy. They are guardians of the pathways which lead to and traverse the forest and are able to hide for days on end before springing into action to slay a startled foe.

Some Waywatchers become completely obsessed with stalking prey and they give themselves completely to their duty till they reach the level of perfection. These Waywatchers are called Waystalkers.

Although Waywatchers are solitary individuals which are more comfortable in the embrace of the forest than in the presence of their kin, sometimes in times of war, they form hunting parties which are capable of a tremendous rate of fire, which brings enormous destruction to every invading force.