Warriors of Chaos Sorcerer Lord

Hi Volks, today I present to you a miniature I painted at a two day painting session at the workshop of Simon Elsen (Katan) from 5th Dimension in Trier/Germany. Michael from 5th Dimension accompanied Simon for support.
The workshop-miniature, a Warhammer Warriors of Chaos Sorcerer Lord, was an impressive model to paint and I loved it at first sight. The main topic at the workshop was the Wet-in-Wet technique which I think is a very useful and efficient way of painting high-quality miniatures. Beside Wet-in-Wet we looked at topics such as Wood, TMM Silver and Gold, leather, Flesh and other topics such as effects, OSL, blood, dirt, battle damage, freehands etc. It has also been my first experience with water effects. Check it out.

Click the following Link to find some more information and pictures from the workshop – especially all the Warriors of Chaos Sorcerer Lords miniatures painted by the other guys!


Have fun!


  1. Wow, sehr geil. Sowohl die Base als auch die Bemalung sind sehr stimmig. Das einzige was mir noch einfällt, wäre das Auge im Stab in einer Komplementärfarbe zu bemalen. Aber dann würde es eventuell wieder zu viel Fokus ziehen, was?

  2. Hi Carlos, im Nachhinein sehe ich das genauso wie du. Die OSL Effekte hätten eine andere Farbe bekommen sollen. Ich wollte aber nachträglich an der Workshop Mini nichts mehr ändern.


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