Wood Elves Release!

A long time went by, it felt like a century, but time of waiting has come to an end – after 9 years Games Workshop released the new Wood Elves army book and some new kits/units. With this release of course the Cherry Blossom Grove will be extended. I can´t wait to assamble and paint the new units and command them on the battlefield.
As for the start I ordered the new book, magic cards, three boxes of Wildwood Rangers, two boxes of Sisters of Thorn and a Lord of the Wood Elves called Araloth.

The Wildwood Rangers are the models I have been looking for a long time. They perfectly fill in the roll of beeing the multi-unit with the two-handed sword of the Cherry Blossom Grove: for the Wood Elves I ´m obviously play them as Wildwood Rangers and for the High Elves they are played as White Lions.
The regiment base are completed with lots of forest bases of Microart-Studio including two 40mm mulitbases which I like very much because they bring so much more "Forestfeeling" to the unit and also makes the unit looking far more dynamic.

Assambled the unit looks like so:

I´m really looking forward to paint these guys!