Wood Elves Sisters of Thorn

As for today I give you a quick update on the the Sisters of Thorn, the new unit of the Wood Elves Release. I really like the models except one thing: the awkwardly looking antlers of the mounts that look like helmet (check it out).  Because of that I decided to convert the antlers to a more realistic way and oriented myself to the following picture.

Here´s the outcome of the conversion.


Thoughts for the painting scheme:
First I have been torn between a mono white and a mono brown colour scheme. Then I found both kind of boring and also the white scheme not fitting because the mounted Characters who will join the unit also have white mounts. That´s why I took again inspiration on nature and tend to the following color scheme.

It´s far from boring and will bring some new pattern to my army which I love! Also it  is going to be more complex to paint, I´m looking forward to it.