Warhammer Wood Elves Army

Hi guys, no update on stuff I´m working on right now, but I wanna show you some more miniatures of my Wood Elves army: The Cherry Blossom Grove.



  1. Wirklich eine schön anzuschauende Armee. Die Kirschdryaden und Baumschrate sehen klasse aus. Wenn ich so in meinen Garten hinaus schaue, hab ich den einen Sauerkirschbaum auch schwer imVerdacht zu der Truppe zu gehören. Ich behalt ihn mal vorsichtshalber im Auge ;)

  2. Hi. Amazing looking models. I am building a Wood Elf army and I am very interested in how you made your bases. I have a few questions if you don't mind.

    How did you get the "wildflower" effect?

    Where did you get the logs/tree branches for the bases?

    Many thanks

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  9. Hi. I am looking for a wood elves fantasy army painted to buy. Would you be willing to sell some of your wood elves or do a paint army job?


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